Monday, February 19, 2007

    Celebrating BIG GOVERNMENT

    What better way to celebrate President's Day than to see how the rights of people are diminishing and government is growing.

    Oregon is considering a cell phone ban for drivers. Our police can't even keep drunk drivers off the roads and now our state wants to put more burden on the police. My problem is with the freedom to make a phone call within your own vehicle. This is something government has no business controlling. People that are unable to drive and hold a phone have mental focus problems, so I guess there had better be laws against everyone drinking coffee while driving - and brushing your hair - and eating a carrot. Stay out of our lives BIG GOVERNMENT!

    Texas will be requiring girls to receive mandated HPV vaccinations. Imagine that - vaccinations forced by the government on young girls. Do lawmakers have a vested interest in pharmaceutical companies that would benefit from this mandate? It's not the fact the vaccine hasn't been on the market long enough to know if there are long term side effects - it's an issue of BIG GOVERNMENT mandating girls get injected. Stay out of our lives BIG GOVERNMENT!

    New York started the anti-trans fat laws now other cities and states are jumping in. What government can do is require labels so people are aware what they are eating - then let people make their own choice. When BIG GOVERNMENT mandates what people stick in their mouths then they have gone too far. Think it's odd that people can still smoke cigarettes but not eat a cookie with trans fat in it? Stay out of our lives BIG GOVERNMENT!

    An Oregon bill would require climbers to carry beacons. Is it really government's responsibility to think for high-altitude climbers? Maybe what would make better sense would be an intelligence test for climbers prior to allowing them up the mountain. Or how about no beacon, no rescue attempt. Government knows best? Stay out of our lives BIG GOVERNMENT!

    Note: Lars Larson is talking on radio in favor of this right now. He says he's against government telling people what to do, but sometimes there are exceptions. Hey Lars - you can not be a little pregnant! Either you are for government control or you're against it - make up your mind! Always knew you had liberal in you.

    Mississippi wants to force State Farm insurance to stay in their state - and force the company to insure homeowners. BIG GOVERNMENT already dictates what businesses should pay no-skilled workers, now BIG GOVERNMENT wants to dictate where business must conduct their business. Stay out of our lives BIG GOVERNMENT!

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