Monday, February 05, 2007

    Islamic Hollywood In The Future

    We have Senator Barack Obama (hugely supported by George Soros) swearing allegiance to the Islamic agenda. We have a US Mayor that has converted to the Muslim cult (Sunni) now wanting a name change. We have CAIR roaming around the country to preach how wonderful Muslims are - despite the fact over 7,380 have been murdered by Muslims, and millions have covered up their atrocities.

    But what happens when enough of these Muslimites take over Hollywood? Behold - a glimps of the future:

    Desperate Housewives - Desperate to hide from the Muslim Morality patrol (MMP) lest they be beheaded or stoned to death.

    Extreme Makeover - Homes of the infidels are seized and burned to the ground. New homes are build with prayer rooms facing Mecca and given to Muslim families.

    Prison Break - Christians plot to escape from Islamic torture and death cells with Muslim correction officers flushing Bibles down toilets. Guest appearances by Amnesty International as verifiers that the Christians are being abused (sort of) humanely.

    Deadwood - Muslims on the hunt to castrate the male infidels to keep them from procreating.

    Six Feet Under - Watch as Islamic terrorists hide and retrieve their deadly stashes below ground and wage carnage the innocent.

    Flight 93 - Watch the twisted tail of how President Bush and Christians caused the crash of this doomed flight in this newly revised Cleric edition.

    Nip and Tuck - Watch as the most respected Clerics teach the best ways to behead innocent women and children (after they use them).

    The Ten Commandments - Watch the Cleric revised edition of Muslims brutally slaughtering innocent people, blowing up children, raping young girls - in the name of Islam. Special effects not needed as all scenes were filmed on locations around the globe with real infidels. Allah is peace.

    CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Watch as CAIR investigates any attempt to link crime and murders and killings to Muslims, yet never says anything against Americans being killed or murdered. Watch as Sharia - the new Muslim law, defends the actions of Muslims to commit what the western world use to think of as evil and bad. The new ala Allah style!

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