Tuesday, February 06, 2007

    Same Old Democrat Deception: Voting

    Yesterday Democrat Representative Rush Hold (New Jersey) introduced a bill that is supposed to keep electronic elections honest. Called Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act (caution - Democrat/Socialist link given) it addresses absolutely nothing regarding voter fraud. His key points:
    • Paper Ballots -- ALL voting machines must produce a paper ballot
    • Audits -- ALL voting machines must be audit-able
    • No Secret Source Code -- ALL voting machine vendors MUST make the machines' software available for inspection
    • Ban on Wireless Devices -- Prohibits wireless technology in voting machines
    • Access for All Eligible Voters -- Ensures disabled and minority language voters can vote privately and independently
    What this Democrat has left out - as ALL Democrats do when addressing voting issues - is the legitimacy of the voter.

    What the Democrats will never sign on to:
    • Proof the person is not a felon
    • A 1 person = 1 vote verification
    • Proof the person at the voting machine really is that person (identity check)
    • Proof the voter has a legal right to vote (not an illegal alien, dead person, etc.)
    Have you ever - ever - ever seen Democrats demand honesty in the person doing the vote? NO! And you never will. Their constituency are illegal aliens, felons (Hillary even has said felons should be allowed to vote), repeat voters, voters using the identity of dead people, and whatever other illegal tactics only they know of.

    Then there is Senator Barack Obama's bill (S.1975) called Deceptive Practices and Voter Intimidation Prevention Act of 2005. Talk about "deceptive practices" - this surely is, for it - like ALL Democrat voting-related legislation - does absolutely NOTHING to address illegal votes. Just more Democrat deception and lies.

    Democrats will always try and put the fault and blame on someone (or something) other than the core problem. Democrats caring about honest elections? What a joke that is! They are experts in deception - using quaint terms and phrases like "disenfranchised voters", "our citizens have lost confidence that their votes are counted accurately", "election reform", "election protection" - all to divert attention from the biggest problem when it comes to elections.

    Democrats need those illegal votes - they can not survive without them, and that - very simply - is why they never have, nor ever will, address that issue.

    Happy birthday remembrances today to Ronald Regan - perhaps the best President the USA ever had.

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