Friday, February 23, 2007

    Picking Academy Award Winners

    This Sunday will be the 79th Academy Awards - a kiss ass event I really don't watch. I am still able to select the films and personalities that will be given their Oscar - it's easier now than ever before.

    Below are the keys to winning. If a picture or individual possesses one of these keys then they are at least nominated. The more keys the greater the odds of being selected. Just keep in mind the selection process has nothing to do with the public - the real judges of what is worthy or not. It is all a fixed liberal illusion.
    • Be homosexual (like the host)
    • Promote and glorify homosexuality
    • Glorify sexual promiscuity
    • Exploit children
    • Turn pedophilia themes into entertainment
    • Turn rape into entertainment
    • Turn enemies of the USA into victims
    • Promote socialism and unions
    • Be anti-Capitalist
    • Have a strong anti-American theme
    • Promote drugs and drug dealers
    • Be anti-Jew
    • Be anti-Christian
    • Turn Christianity into a joke
    • Make Christianity into something evil
    • Insult those protecting America
    • Promote globalism
    • Promote anything of United Nations
    • Global warming (a must, trendy)
    • Endorse illegal aliens
    • Demote our Constitution
    • Sympathize with Iran, Syria
    • Sympathize with Hugo Chavez
    • Terrorists are not to blame
    • America is bad, bad, bad
    Whether expressed in the films chosen or the individuals awarded they will have some number of the above, or similar liberal traits, as part of their agenda.

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