Thursday, February 22, 2007

    Anna Nicole's Body - Like, Who Cares!

    Tired of the major news media spewing out non-stop worthless coverage of who gets this body? Do you really care? Will her the final destination of her carcass change our country or your life? What a total waste of valuable air time.

    Thank God for bloggers, for some of us carry on and bring real news to the world. Not all bloggers are able to speak freely. Take 22 year old Abdel Kareem Nabil. He got a 4 year jail sentence for posting negative (as Muslims see it) stuff against Islam - the religion of peace (more like pieces - body pieces). After your prison sentence some to the USA Abdel - we need people like you and would trade 10,000 liberals for 1 like you (liberals are cheap).

    Then there's the Democrats delivering payback to the unions. Take Oregon for example. Governor Ted Kulongoski and his Democrat thugs - all under union control. Unions are big in Oregon, with receipts of over $118 million dollars from 308,965 members (you do the math). A huge majority of that money that controls each Democrat has come from various school unions. No surprise Democrats choose union objectives over education choices for children and parents:
    A bill was introduced in Salem, OR Tuesday to significantly hinder charter school growth in our state. Special interest groups like the teachers union are pushing Senate Bill 621 in order to ensure any teachers in newly created charters are FORCED to join unions, to FORCE LIMITS on the number of students that can enroll in charters, and to seek to FORCE LIMITS on enrollment eligibility based on where parents live.

    Charter schools were created to give parents and students a choice in their education, to give teachers and administrators the freedom from bureaucracy that helps create innovation, and to create competition in the public school system that would force all schools to improve. The proposed UNION legislation undercuts all of these goals.
    Then we have Natzi Pelosi, super union bitch, placing "Employee Free Choice Act" as a top priority for the country. Currently if workers vote to unionize their vote is secret. This act would remove that secrecy and put dissenters at risk of union pressure and attacks. But this is how the unions do their thing - intimidation, extortion, and buying people's vote - then they own you - like any Democrat knows.

    And of course Baracko Obama, another mafia union puppet, told the world as president he would bring unions back to power. This was stated in his announcement to become a candidate for the presidency.

    Union bosses in control of the White House? It's their dream coming true.

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