Wednesday, March 21, 2007

    AFL-CIO Twist And Shake

    I had to almost laugh at the email I received today from the organized crime bosses. Reading their email sounds just like listening to Democraps - lies, deceptions, intentional misdirection.

    The email tells the work history of one Sue Tizzano - a casino dealer, how the casino she works for got infected with a new union, and suddenly her life is a bed of roses. Here is an excerpt from this story:
    After 16 years, I'm only making $8 an hour. I am a single woman. I have a mortgage and bills to pay. We don't have a prescription plan. I can't afford to buy medicine and the health insurance-that I have to pay $21 a week for-is so bad, my doctor won't even take it. . . . Tired of being treated with a lack of respect, the 850 dealers voted 572-128 to join the UAW.
    Strip off the whine and cry story and here is the reality of this story:

    • Sue Tizzano has worked by her own choice at a casino. She has worked for the same casino for 16 years, again, by her own choice. After 16 years she makes only $8 an hour. After 16 years she wants more money and more benefits. She doesn't want to work more - but she just wants more.

    • Sue had no respect for herself. If she did, she would have taken steps to improve her skills 16 years ago. She could have had an upper-level degree, even a PhD in those past 16 years.

    • Sue Tizzano made the choice to stay with a low paying job. Sue made the choice not to advance her skills and marketability. Sue is among the growing lazy sector that wants more for doing something an unskilled laborer could do.
    The union did not give Sue any additional self-respect. They gave her a bill for union dues. Enjoy the new monkey on your back Sue - you deserve it!

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