Friday, March 23, 2007

    John Edwards - Asshole Of The Week

    It is always sad when cancer infests a person. I think it's one of the worse ways to die - for your otherwise healthy body is being eaten alive by cells that are abnormal. Sort of like how an otherwise normal society is being eaten alive by immoral policies, forced big government dictates, and all such Democrat policies - eventually that society will die.

    The announcement of Edwards to continue to push on with his political agenda was typical Democrat. Here is a guy (?) that is wealthy - he doesn't even need to work. He has a wife with a history of cancer, and now this cancer has metastasized to her bone. Unfortunately this is bad - more like: very terminal.

    This is perhaps the most obvious example of how a Democrat exploits the poor, the oppressed, and the sick. Sympathy and guilt are big manipulation tools of the left. His wife probably wants him to continue his pursuit out of love, but he totally sees an opportunity to exploit his poor wife.

    Had I been Edwards, given his financial status, I would have dropped my political agenda like a rock and devoted my time and resources to my wife.

    I found Edwards's decision more than sick. I found it so totally perverted.

    But then I had to remind myself that Democrats are perverted, immoral, and will do anything - anything - to advance their agenda. Wonder if Gore is figuring a link between cancer and so-called global warming...
    Sad to hear Lars Larson - RINO shock jock - defending illegal alien drug dealers. Lars has really gone downhill - either that whiskey he use to promote or maybe he's smoking the wrong cigars. I thought he was going down when he promoted BIG GOVERNMENT mandates on private citizens then I hear him defending the illegal Mexican drug dealer. Unreal.

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