Saturday, March 10, 2007

    Barbarians At The Gate

    The picture above is not that of some back woods logger in Oregon. It is the picture of Sheik Mohammed. Oh yeah, another "Mo-head" barbarian so you already know where this is headed.

    I might get attacked by liberals that think I'm not being compassionate - uh - too bad! I don't fall for your liberal guilt trips so move your socialist butt to one of your buddy sites that screens their comments so people like me can't express their point of view - there are many.

    Anyways, back to Mo-head. As a Sheik this lice-infested tribal leader is doing his best to be a good Muslim and bring Sharia Law upon the entire planet. His little zone is Melbourne right now.

    what does scuzz breath think about you and I?
    • Sharia law must be the only law
    • Stone adulterers to death
    • Stone anyone drinking alcohol to death (Sheiks exempt)
    • Flogging anyone caught having casual sex (Sheiks exempt)
    • Exterminate all Jews
    Another Islamo barbarian is back in the news. Hassan Abujihaad (oh yeah, another "Abu-head") was sending out USA military secrets of our Navy.

    The safest bet would keep the Mohammeds, Abu's, and all other Muslims far away from any part of our military and government. It's the only way to be sure.

    That old and aging cave dweller, Bin Laden, is supposedly 50 today. Personally I don't think his pork butt is alive - think he died in one of the USA attacks, but it wouldn't be in the best interests for Talitwits to admit this. You're all a group of thugs that need to be totally and permanently removed off the face of the planet.

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