Monday, March 12, 2007

    Power To The People

    In just one day voters in Lane Country spoke - with their signature. We have had enough of mismanagement, putting social handouts at a higher priority than the safety of legal residents, and dubious awards of taxpayer monies to select friends of commissioners.

    I really didn't know much about the three commissioners that refused to listen to the will of the people last year when an income tax was proposed - and voted down. These three that thought they had some ordain power to create a new tax to feed their spending frenzy. I know more now.
    • Bill Dwyer - A flunky with a history of unable to complete anything requiring thinking. He didn't complete high school (but he did eventually get a GED) and he took some classes at Lane Community College - no degree, no diploma, and no certificate awarded.
    • Faye Hills Steward II - Another education flunky. Unlike Dwyer, Steward did complete high school, spent 1 term at Lane Community College and left - he couldn't handle it. He then thought he'd try a major in Business Management at Oregon State University - but it was too difficult for him to grasp and dropped out. No degree, no diploma, and no certificate in anything.
    • Bobby Green, Sr. - Bobby does have a B.A. in English Literature - just the right skill to manage a huge county and millions of dollars - NOT! Unless you're going to be an English instructor or have a similar career path degree programs like that are chosen because they don't require math, reasoning skills, analytical skills, or business management skills. In Bobby's case it shows. Bobby also has a documented association with racist groups.
    Want to hear something really sad? I checked their future agenda thinking there must be meetings planned to balance the budget of Lane County in the event of loosing federal handouts for this year or the future. NOPE. No planned meetings. No strategy to reform their spending and handouts. Nothing. No plan whatsoever to manage the country prudently.

    They are ignorant, stupid, dumb. They don't have the accumulated brain cells to even know how to do this. Besides, as liberals, their plan will always be known: they will impose another tax increase or income tax and threaten to open jail doors, cut back law enforcement, and use guilt tactics how children will be dying in the streets.

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