Friday, May 18, 2007

    Interview With Taquito

    I've decided to try and help illegal aliens by answering some of their questions. I interviewed an illegal alien named Taquito - the middle guy in the picture above. I hope this post will help other illegal aliens to better understand the country they have invaded. Taquito cannot understand English, so translations was provided by AltaVista Babelfish.
    • Taquito: Why you call me illegal?
    • JustaDog: Because you entered the USA illegally.
    • Taquito: Man, we all God's people aint no one illegal.
    • JustaDog: That is the socialist viewpoint.
    • Taquito: Dog, you calling me and my homies murderers? I just shoot yur ass anytime. Don't you be calling illegals violent. Don't you come down to East L.A. or else.
    • JustaDog: Uh, yeah - right.
    • Taquito: Maybe you haven't heard but we are here do'n all the jobs all you Americans don't do. All we want to do is have our large families taken care of by you rich Americans. My six girls and 8 sons have better teeth than before we come here - and it not cost us a penny. We like it here, we get free schooling, free medical care, free money, and all sorts of freebies. Why should we leave?

      My Moochacha, again with child, is diabetic, weighs 388 pounds, and needs her free medicine. You are just a cruel person Dog. By the way, two of my girls, 14 and 15, are pregnant too. Don't know who the papa is but don't matter. We'll be swimm'n in foodstamps soon, and I can sell dem easy.
    • JustaDog: Those that support your criminal activities make rationalizations why you should be here. Of course, all you mentioned is free for you but hard working Americans have to pay for what you suck from our country. It is not I that is cruel, but you and all the rest of the illegals that rob from the hard workers of this country. If you cared about them you wouldn't steal from them.
    • Taquito: Like I care?

    Kiss any chance of being President goodbye McCain, you Kennedy ass-kissing liberal wimp RINO.

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