Thursday, May 17, 2007

    Your New Pharmacist - Uncle Sam

    In the continued pursuit of bigger, more controlling, and oppressive government, Senator Kennedy, along with a couple of big government Republicans, have proposed legislation that will put the Federal government in control of your prescriptions. It will take away individual choices - even deny your access to critical medications!

    If you don't already know the simple equation:
    Less choices = Less freedom
    More choices = Greater freedom
    I don't mean the current doctor-required prescription to obtain a drug, but I mean the millions of people that depend on doctors and pharmacists that mixing certain drugs for people that have conditions where no over-the-counter drug exists. This legislation, once introduced and passed, will stop that practice by the people that know best - and replace it with one where the FDA will decide if you need a certain drug. Your personal medical needs - under the control of big government bureaucracy.

    Like many BIG GOVERNMENT attempts to become bigger this proposed legislation, the Safe Drug Compounding Act of 2007, is presented as something in the interest of public safety. Hmmm - we seem to be hearing that phrased used more and more - from making new laws to control the people to raising taxes - "public safety". The people of the USA must see the reality of BIG GOVERNMENT - look beyond the marketing pitch - that is for our own good. Whether Republican or Democrat the promoters of BIG GOVERNMENT must be voted out of office in favor of whoever would support smaller government.

    You can do an internet search for ways to contact your Senator, or use this link from the HealthFreedom.com site. Be direct, be firm - you don't want BIG GOVERNMENT to come between you and your doctor.

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