Monday, June 04, 2007

    It's Not If - But When

    No surprise to me or my knowledgeable readers another murderous act upon America by Muslims has been foiled. One of the Muslims, Russell Defreitas, is a U.S. citizen and retired JFK employee. He is the mastermind of the plot to destroy JFK airport and murder many thousands of people.

    These Muslims cannot be trusted. They are very patient and very scheming, and as Muslim Defreitas shows us - is willing to be employed in places in order to learn their weaknesses and vulnerabilities - for over 10 years.

    These animals will do anything to accomplish their goals - become US citizens (Defreitas was native to Duyana), embed themselves in our communities, and abuse our laws to accomplish their ultimate goals.

    Eventually, if left unchecked, they will succeed. As more liberals allow the actions of these animals to continue unchecked - under the disguise of "discrimination, profiling, etc." the greater the odds you or someone you know will be murdered by them - in the name of Allah (or Al-Mumit, the "Creator of Death" as known to Muslims).

    Muslims must not be allowed to work in places where our defenses reside, nor where the public places their lives at trust - airports, military bases, buses, trains, large ships, defense contractors, government positions, CDC, biological research facilities, food processing plants, etc.

    People were freaked about 1 man with TB while ignoring the obvious threat to civilization - the Muslim mindset. Examples of Muslim peace in the past couple of days:

    • 6/4/07 ( Nahr al-Bared, Lebanon ) - Two Lebanese soldiers are killed by Fatah-al-Islam radicals.
    • 6/3/07 ( Narathiwat, Thailand ) - Seventeen men waiting to play soccer are injured by a Muslim bomb.
    • 6/3/07 ( Mogadishu, Somalia ) - Seven Somalis are murdered by a Muslim suicide bomber, including a student.
    • 6/3/07 ( Mosul, Iraq ) - Islamists shoot a Catholic priest and three other Christians to death as they are leaving a church.
    • 6/3/07 ( Baqouba, Iraq ) - Ten people are killed in two separate Muslim attacks, including the brutal machine-gunning of minibus passengers.
    • 6/3/07 ( Tehsil Salarzai, Pakistan ) - Five people are killed in a roadside blast believed to be linked to the Muslim Taliban's anti-humanitarian drive.
    • 6/3/07 ( Paktia, Afghanistan ) - Muslims execute an Afghan government official after keeping him hostage for two days.
    • 6/2/07 ( Shirqat, Iraq ) - A Muslim Fedayeen suicide car bomber takes out five Iraqis.
    • 6/2/07 ( Baghdad, Iraq ) - Random Muslim Jihad attacks leave at least two dozen Iraqs dead.
    • 6/2/07 ( Ghazni, Afghanistan ) - Muslims attack a man's home, killing his wife, two sons and two other children.
    What day will you or someone you know be slaughtered - murdered - killed - assassinated in the name of Allah?

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