Friday, June 01, 2007

    Doctor Freedom

    Doctor Jack Kevorkian was released from jail today. I call him Doctor Freedom because he provided terminally ill and suffering individuals with the freedom of choice - the choice to end their life with dignity.

    In Oregon, this right already exists even thought it was temporarily challenged by past attorney general Ashcroft and subsequently overturned by the court. The "Death with Dignity Act" permits doctors to prescribe a lethal drug dose but not administer it and established rules to ensure patients seeking assisted suicide are mentally competent, in great pain and intent on ending their lives. The Netherlands is the only country that allows freedom of choice as a nation.

    Government has no right for force people to endure the physical and mental torture of some infliction they neither asked for nor wanted. I know there are groups that don't agree with this - and you are free to have your own opinion. When you or a loved one is in this situation you can deal with it however you want - but for someone that wishes to make this choice - BUTT OUT!

    How dare some special interest group use BIG government to force their views upon society! How dare government strip an individual of their last chance for freedom, and the last change to make a choice of choosing their own destiny and time.

    I happen to know for a fact that doctors often let people die and even help the process along when it comes to critical trauma, severe birth defects, and other scenarios you don't want to know about. The right of a patient to have a physician of their choice help in their case should be just that - their right, not a "right" of government to deny their freedom.

    Doctor Jack Kevorkian: Freedom pioneer.

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