Tuesday, July 24, 2007


    I was going to do a review of the so-called debates last night, but it turned out to be a beauty contest, not a debate at all. BTW, John Edwards wins the beauty contest for best hair doooooo.

    I feel for the conservative Democrats since you really don't have a party anymore. The Socialist Party of America has taken over. CNN filtered the YouTube questions to make sure they addressed issues that only a bigger government could solve (at least appear to).

    Bigger government to solve global issues - screw our own needs in the USA, but throw more billions of taxpayers money to African nations far away. Bigger government to constrain free enterprise. Bigger government and more taxes and less personal freedoms - ah, the "new" Democrat party, the same old socialist song.

    CNN even included questions from outside the USA. Surprised? Not me. The "new" Democrat party pushes for dumping the USA Constitution in favor of global law.

    There was absolutely no debate regarding:
    • How to decrease the role of government
    • How they would reduce the tax burden on Americans (on the contrary, taxes will increase)
    • How they will encourage self-reliance
    • How they will give parents freedom of choice in education (on the contrary, the liberal model it to force-feed government school to children and ban alternatives)
    • How they will protect the freedoms in the Constitution
    • So much more - total silence...
    No surprise. SOIL (Same Old Idiot Liberals).
    I did one of my 4.5 mile runs this morning and about half way through I saw this old guy on a bike going a fairly good speed. The problem was his little dog was trying to keep up with this idiot animal abuser and it was clearly seen the leash was tight. I should have stopped him but didn't. I think I will program the animal shelter phone number into my cell so I can report animal abusers like this the next time I see it.

    If you feel the need to drag something while you're on your bike just collar some illegal alien and drag his ass back across the boarder - STOP abusing the animals!

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