Monday, July 23, 2007

    YouTube Debate: What A Farce

    de·bate: (noun), a discussion, as of a public question in an assembly, involving opposing viewpoints.

    Liberal media is touting tonight's so-called "debate" as "revolutionary", "inspired", and to quote the (unions killed our city) Detroit Free Press:
    Yet, I live in hope that tonight's CNN/YouTube presidential debate (7 on CNN) will restore my faith -- or at least my interest level -- in unscripted democracy in action.
    "Unscripted"? It is totally scripted, censored, filtered, and sanitized. Are these liberals totally brain dead or do they really think the American public is that STUPID?

    I turned to CNN this morning and to quote CNN:
    "We are going through the thousands of YouTube questions to pick those we feel reflect what's on the mind of Americans".
    In other words, the whole thing is a sham. A farce. A deception. A lie in the face of Americans that is typical liberalism in action.

    CNN will censor any tough or embarrassing questions. Expect the questions to be such liberal shit like (mostly young people) asking:
    • Why can't my mom or dad have that operation then need just because we can't afford health insurance (yet they can afford computers, video cameras, cell phones, etc.)?

    • The cost of my university attendance is going up, and if I have to get a job to help pay for the cost of my education then I won't be able to party as much as I'd like. We want more grants from the government. Can you abolish the student loan program?

    • It seems hotter where I live an' I'm concerned about da ocean rising up an' flooding Memphis. What will ya do ta protect us from da global warming? an don't make me pull mah gat!

    • Somos ilegales pero necesitamos más estampillas del alimento. Voluntad que usted promete conseguir a mis 20 niños más estampillas del alimento. todos como los teléfonos nuevos de la célula también, y cubierta comprable. Qué la voluntad usted hace para conseguirnos qué deseamos.
    Democrats avoid the tough questions - they are all pussies, except Hillary - she's just a socialist by admission, and at least she has the balls to take a stance even if it is a bad one. There are even some Democrats that refuse to go on Fox for fear of tough questions - knowing how Bill (I caused 9/11) Clinton was faced with touch questions - then freaked out afterwards.

    Questions that will never make it on the air:
    • Do you believe Americans need BIGGER government? Just a Yes or No answer please. (And I would hold them to just Yes or No).

    • Do you subscribe to the socialist philosophy? Just a Yes or No answer please.

    • Unions are the biggest non-individual contributors to Democrats. Are you a union puppet?

    • How would you purge American of over 15 Million illegal aliens and restore American to a nation of law?

    • Would you favor the death penalty for child molesters or would you just give them therapy and stick them back into communities where they can return to their predator ways?

    • Would you promise to reduce taxes or raise them? Just a "lower them" or "raise them" answer please.

    • Are you a member of the ACLU? Just a Yes or No answer please.
    So if you choose to watch this farce know that each and every question has been filtered through the liberal protection squad CNN.
    Sad to hear Lars Larson still protecting illegal drug dealers. You're a hypocritical semi-liberal jerk Lars. Wonder if Lars would become a border patrol agent for 6 months... Then we could jail his ass after he makes any mistake.

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