Monday, August 06, 2007


    Breaking news from one of the Australia's news sites I check:
    PHILIPPINE police arrested a suspected Muslim militant plotting to bomb a crowded shopping mall in Manila's southern suburbs, a police general said today.
    Will malls be the location of choice for future Muslim attacks? The target profile fits - helpless women, elderly strolling the walkways, and children to kill; people grouped in a centralized location; little security; lots of ways to escape the area.

    Malls make great targets for Muslims to carry out their murderous terrorist attacks. Who would suspect a bag left near a food court or children's area that appeared to have packages - or even toy boxes. In a crowded mall there's a good chance no one would even suspect it was bomb.

    Organizations the protect Muslims - especially CAIR - don't want people to know the truth about Muslims. Just this past week at a Young America's Foundation meeting CAIR threatened to bring a lawsuit against the organization for inviting Robert Spencer, a commentator that (I guess) doesn't hold back in telling the facts about Muslims. CAIR's claim? Spencer's viewpoint constituted a "Hate Crime" against Muslims.

    Many times small groups of Muslims threaten and kill those that dare expose them. A recent example is the Black Muslim Bakery in Oakland California - responsible for ambushing and murdering Oakland Post editor Chauncey Bailey - because he was investigating these Muslims - Muslims that had a storefront of a supposedly innocent bakery.

    People need to realize CAIR claims to oppose terrorism yet in reality they are the frontline to attack those that seek to expose it.

    Then we have a couple of Muslims - Yousef Megahen and Armed Mohamed - arrested with bomb materials in South Carolina. The mainstream media makes sure the reports have been sanitized for references to "Muslim", and the FBI - in their post-CAIR-sensitivity-trained announcements - states "there is no known link to terrorism" - also nicely sanitized.

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