Friday, September 28, 2007

    HEY - Where's Fred?

    If you've visited my site today you'll notice the large button on the top right for Fred Thompson is gone. Why? I'm re-examining the options out there.

    I seriously looked at each Democrat candidate but each would bring the usual BIG GOVERNMENT and globalization to D.C. America needs less government, not more. We need to take back the sovereignty of our nation, not relinquish it. Even some Republicans fall into this category - including President Bush.

    Fred has some nice ideas but no track record. I found no references where he spoke out for the issues he wishes to stand on, no references where he has taken the time to address politicians - nothing really.

    So now I'm looking at Ron Paul. What I've seen so far:
    • The guy has drive and passion for his causes
    • He has a track record for pushing for less government
    • He's the only one to show such passion for regaining our sovereignty
    • He's against giving the money of the US taxpayers to illegal aliens
    • He's against anchor babies - where pregnant illegals cross the border to have their baby so it can be have (illegally) American citizenship and qualify for our money
    • He opposes membership in NAFTA and the WTO and the federal war on drugs
    • He advocates withdrawal from NATO and the UN - both of which threaten our sovereignty
    • Supports elimination of most federal government agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security, FEMA, the IRS, NASA, DHHS and the Department of Education, calling them unnecessary bureaucracies
    • Opposes federal regulation of the internet
    I can go on and on. He does have some minor platform issues I don't agree with:
    • He's now against the Federal death penalty (not sure if a state death penalty would still be ok) - but this is a choice of the legislative branch, not the executive branch
    • He's in favor of the government defining life as "from the time of conception" - and I strongly disagree with this - I don't think government should define life
    There are no perfect candidates and I want to pick someone whose platform overall will be best for the country (while we still have a country) and not any 1 or 2 personal issues.

    So far he's scoring a big plus for his passion to get government out of our lives.

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