Thursday, September 27, 2007

    Democrat Congress Makes History!

    The Democrats, upon gaining control of both the House of Representatives and Senate, proclaimed a new day in America. Nancy Pelosi proclaimed a new day, a victory for women and children. (Somehow using "women" and "children" together in the same sentence by a child murder-promoting Democrat seems a bit hypocritical).

    Anyhow, so what have Democrats done to make history? The Democrat approval rating has hit an historic low - 11% - far less than the President. Anyone notice that CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and the other liberal sucking media no longer mention the President's approval rating? Guess they're too embarrassed with their own conglomerate of disappointing BIG GOVERNMENT promoting slime.

    So like the article points out:
    The good news is; an 11% approval rating for congress means that there's at least a chance that 89% of the country is coming to its senses...
    Other than cause further strife in the country, can anyone tell me what these Democrats have done to deserve their paychecks? Nothing - other than the usual pushing through of pro-labor union legislation, attempt to disarm citizens, protect terrorists, attack America, attack US troops, promote globalism, demote our Constitution, promote environmental fear (and redemption through higher taxes or payments to their organizations), increase taxes, and child exploitation.

    Democrats could care less about children. As a matter of fact they are seriously worried the "right" of a woman to murder an innocent child - mature enough to live outside the mother - will be taken away. Each time a potential Supreme Court nomination comes up abortion is Democrat's #1 concern. On the other hand, which party seeks to protect the innocent child? Democrats? Get real. (I have no problem with abortion is done in the first 3 months, but after that the fetus has advanced beyond a mass of cells).

    So no wonder Democrats have no problem using pictures and stories of children to advance their BIG GOVERNMENT socialist goals - less freedom, more taxes (Democratic Oregon is even trying to push through a Constitutional amendment to mandate more taxes - for the children, of course!). For example: Deception: Healthcare - for the children. Reality: Socialized healthcare - possibly going to jail if you seek healthcare outside "the system".

    Let's hope 89% of the population really want more freedom, less government, and lower taxes!

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