Wednesday, September 05, 2007

    Is Your Behavior Government Approved?

    an immoral or evil habit or practice.
    I see a problem with BIG GOVERNMENT deciding what is immoral or evil between one or more adults. Recently I saw in the news that vice police are targeting Craigslist as a tool to entrap adults that are advertising or looking to pay for sexual services. Personally, it's not my place to morally judge any adult that wishes to give or receive. BIG GOVERNMENT thinks otherwise, and will be willing to bait and encourage any possible behavior to make an arrest.

    Then there is the recent Senator Craig's bathroom arrest. I think he should step down and leave the Republican party and his office, yet - really - what was he arrested for? Yeah, an old man playing footsy and grabbing a stall wall is dumb, but he didn't expose himself, he didn't ask for sex, he didn't go into an occupied stall to start anything, and he didn't touch anyone. Arrested for dumb - yes. But in reality the Gestapo arrested him for behavior that BIG GOVERNMENT has deemed "immoral".

    In Atlanta City a BIG GOVERNMENT councilman proposed an amendment to the city's indecency laws to make publicly exposed underwear a crime punishable by a fine. Exposed thong underwear, jogging bras and bra straps would be prohibited in public places, but the law really is aimed at halting the prominent display of men's underwear that accompanies deliberate sagging of pants.

    Last year, a Dallas, Tex., city councilman also tried to get BIG GOVERNMENT to pass a law that would ban sagging pants in public.

    I run in races (not so fast) and see females in jogging bras all the time. They get hot during a run. Big deal. Yet BIG GOVERNMENT wants to continue their never-ending drive to control behavior.

    Whether it's a style of pants or wearing helmets when on a motor cycle - BIG GOVERNMENT wants to control the population's behavior. Yeah, I know - they say helmets save lives but if an adult wants to ride without a helmet - let them. It's not the role of BIG GOVERNMENT to mandate behavior, even dumb behavior.

    So when it comes to adults, I see no purpose in the vice squads - the Gestapo squads. Really now, wouldn't it be a better use of public funds to use those police to track down real criminals instead of violators of BIG GOVERNMENT approved behavior?

    I'm not a smoker (anymore) but BIG GOVERNMENT will be after you as an adult if you are in a bar or lounge with all other consenting adults and you light up. Your behavior violates what is acceptable to the Gestapo squads.

    The recent enforcement of "hate crimes" is another behavioral Gestapo squad enforcement arm of BIG GOVERNMENT. In addition to the crime committed, now the Gestapo squad will check if a behavior violation was made - and the perpetrator will face BIG GOVERNMENT charges on behavior violations as well.

    I could go on and on, but do you see the point? Americans don't need Gestapo behavior squads that target BIG GOVERNMENT behavior violations by or between adults.

    Let's end the BIG GOVENMENT behavior squads, end the Gestapo police - before it's too late.

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