Monday, September 03, 2007

    Queer Extortion

    Today our local paper had an article titled Gay rights advocates aim to reveal petitioners' identities on Web site. The first two paragraphs:
    PORTLAND - Gay rights supporters from Massachusetts say they plan a Web site to post the home addresses and phone numbers of people who sign petitions to block two gay rights laws passed by the 2007 Oregon Legislature.

    ''We all know there's a lot of homophobia out there,'' Aaron Toleos said, ''but this puts a face on it.''
    The petition is to put on the ballot homosexual legislation that Democrat law makers passed, yet the majority of Oregon has already voted down. In includes forcing businesses, churches, anyone and everyone in Oregon to accept homosexuality as "normal". So if you run a children's nursery you'd be forced to keep some homosexual male that suddenly shows up in drag. The homosexual is free to choose his lifestyle, but any choice for you to accept it or not has been stripped from you by the Democrats of Oregon.

    So why do the queers not want this on the ballot? They know the majority don't want to be FORCED to accept their lifestyle into their workplace, their schools, and their (and their children) lives. The perverted legislation passed by Democrats would be rejected by We The People, and they know it.

    Their intent is for people to sign this list to be labeled as anti-gay, homophobic, and other hate-related labels.

    It sounds to me this special interest queer group is suffering from a lot of hetrophobia. None the less, this is a list I'd be proud to be on.

    Let's reverse their intentions of the list. Simple take the opposite approach from their objective - If you find a name NOT on the list you might reconsider your impressions about someone you know - that person might be a closet queer, or anti-family, or just plain not care about moral issues or the rights of others that will be trampled if the legislation becomes law.

    If you have a male friend, neighbor, co-worker and their name isn't on this list you might not want to follow them into a public restroom!

    Still think Democrats believe in more freedom?

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