Wednesday, November 21, 2007

    Giving Thanks

    The neighbors of Joe Horn in Texas are thankful that Joe shot and killed two home-invasion burglars. No one was home at the time but these criminals invaded the house and grabbing what they thought was of value. Joe was home, called 911, and when police hadn't showed up he shot and killed the criminals.

    Killed was Diego Ortiz and Miguel de Jesus - both with criminal backgrounds. Good work Joe - two less criminals on the street, two less criminals to clog up the judicial system (which lets them free fast anyway).

    Ron Paul knows police show up only after the fact and believes in the Constitutional right for citizens to protect themselves.

    Liberal Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer is in the giving spirit - with your money. From an email from her:
    I am also pleased to relate that the Senate Foreign Relations Committee recently approved my legislation that would bring U.S. policy in line with the Global Plan to Stop TB, a ten-year strategy launched last year at the World Economic Forum to cut the number of TB deaths in half by 2015. My bill would authorize up to $400 million for fiscal year 2008 and up to $550 million for fiscal year 2009 for foreign assistance programs that combat international TB.
    Liberal Democrat Barbie Boxer - Global interest, not caring that is just about a BILLION DOLLARS ($1,000,000,000) in just 2 years - money from hard working tax payers like you and I. Aren't liberals generous - and the debt keeps growing and the value of the US dollar keeps shriking!

    Note also "my legislation that would bring U.S. policy in line with the Global Plan" - the focus of the liberals is the "Global Plan", not the US Constitution and certainly not the American taxpayers.

    Ron Paul respects the US Constitution and the money that belongs to taxpayers.

    Republican candidate Mitt Romney sure isn't worthy of Presidential consideration. Mitt cowardly evaded military service himself, and even worse - he made sure his sons never served either. How can someone that doesn't believe in himself or his sons serving our country even have the nerve to think he should be Commander-In-Chief?

    No guts - no glory.

    Even CAIR gives thanks for those that died today in the name of Allah, thanks to Muslims:

    Today - Swat, Pakistan - Four members of the same family are murdered by Muslims.

    Today - Pattani, Thailand - Four Buddhists are shot to death (murdered) at point-blank range by Muslims. The Muslims then planted a bomb that injures six others.

    Have a great Thanksgiving rest-of-the-week!

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