Friday, November 23, 2007

    That Post-Thanksgiving HATE!

    Ok, the day after Thanksgiving is a big shopping day for some. Me? No, not really my thing but I don't discourage others from standing in line at 4am or earlier. I believe in freedom and if someone wants to do that then why should I care? If you don't like it - too bad - it's not your business if someone wants to buy stuff and how much they want to buy!

    Liberals (aka socialists) do care. You will see numerous blogs about protesting today - a "Buy Nothing Day". This is a Canadian liberal socialist concept started by (yet they have an online shop where they encourage you to buy, buy, and buy their products). From their "About Us":
    Our aim is to topple existing power structures and forge a major shift in the way we will live in the 21st century.
    You will hear all sorts of stories how corporations are evil, how the buying spree hurts the environment and contributes to global warming, blaa, blaa, ... lies, lies, lies.

    So let's say millions protested today and bought nothing - not even online. Let's see what the philosophy of liberal hate and result of "toppling the existing power structures" would accomplish:
    • Stores don't realize projected sales
    • Stores have to lay off employees
    • Stores stop buying inventory
    • Distributors aren't able to ship to stores
    • Distributors have to lay off employees
    • Manufacturers stock doesn't ship
    • Manufacturers stop buying parts and materials used to manufacture
    • Manufacturers lay off employees
    • Supplier's sales drop
    • Suppliers lay off employees
    • People can't pay their bills - phones cut off, electricity cut off, no gas, can't afford to drive, etc.
    • People can't pay their mortgage - lose their homes
    • People can't pay their rent - get evicted
    • Stocks tumble - retirement savings lost - elderly destitute
    Get the point? This is the scenario of the revolution liberals/socialists wish upon our nation and the world.

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