Thursday, November 08, 2007

    Sacrificial Flesh

    Today, another American soldier was murdered by a roadside bomb in Iraq, bringing the 2007 total dead to 853. The Constitution of Iraq was approved late 2005, which means American troops have been fighting the civil war of an Islamic Nation for over a year.

    It really doesn't matter if you favored invading Iraq or not, or if you did then changed your mind. You might see Saddam's fall as good (yet without USA Constitutional merit), and you might see the fact Iraqis were finally allowed to freely vote in a democratic manner as a success (again, without USA Constitutional merit), but no matter how you stand there is no way to justify remaining in Iraq once the people freely made the choice to be a sovereign Islamic nation. Now I'll answer some questions.

    The USA has not had another attack since 9/11 so obviously fighting in Iraq is worth it.
    Well I guess people should eat more at McDonalds since their stock has almost doubled since 9/11 - proving as long as the hamburgers are eaten the USA has avoided another terrorist attack ($59.34 today vs. about $28 on 9/11).

    But we are protecting Iraq.
    Our Constitution does not direct politicians to send troops for such matters. We can defend ourselves if attacked, but it prohibits politicians from abusing their positions or starting wars and sacrificing troops on assumptions or political gain. It also does not legalize going to war based on United Nations resolutions (a global body dictating to the USA).

    If we don't kill them there they will kill us here.
    If that is so it will be because our borders are not secure, visa rules are a joke and not even tracked, illegal aliens (including most likely terrorists) are given welfare and medical care, both Republican and Democrat politicians want to legalize everyone that has entered the USA illegally (making terrorists here harder to find), etc. There is no way to know the makeup of millions of invaders because we lost the security of our own borders. Our troops should be on our own soil protecting us, not citizens of a Islamic nation.

    But they started it with 9/11.
    All the suspected hijackers were from Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon or Egypt. The country of Iraq was not represented, nor was any financing from Iraq connected with the attack or hijackers. Of the 19 hijackers, 15 were Saudi Arabian, 1 Egyptian, 1 Lebanese, and 2 from the United Arab Emirates.

    So why didn't the USA attack Saudi Arabia?
    Saudi Arabia is the top oil producer and exporter in the world. There was a congressional report on the 9/11 attacks that detailed the Saudi support involved, but the FBI and the Bush administration blocked its release. There is a Saudi Money trail, yet the focus has been the "war on terror" in Iraq and Afghanistan, conveniently removing focus from Saudi Arabia.

    So our soldiers continue to die for an Islamic civil war. Are these deaths of American fighters supported by our Constitutional? No, they are not. Ron Paul realizes this as well. America needs to return back to protecting America, abide by our Constitution, and then we can secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity - instead of surrendering them.

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