Wednesday, November 07, 2007

    If Huckabee Is Your Huckleberry

    Yet another candidate promising one thing yet whose actions demonstrated something entirely different.

    If you read Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee's (imaginary) stance on Immigration you will find a guy that pretends to be in favor of protecting our borders, oppose driver's licenses to illegals, and a proponent of enforcing our existing laws.

    But what about Mike Huckabee's actual actions? When Mr. Huckabee was Governor Huckabee in the state of Arkansas he was the one that brought up the idea of establishing a Mexican consulate in his state. The Mexican consulate of Huckabee:
    • Is located near the University of Arkansas at Little Rock
    • Opened in April
    • Paid for by the hard-earned taxes of the residents of Arkansas (not much choice)
    • Established after Huckabee's visit in 2003 to confer with Mexican President Fox (agreeable if Huckabee paid for it)
    • Schemed as a way to bring cheap labor to business in Arkansas (screw legal workers)
    From the HispanicTips website:
    The Arkansas consulate, Mexico’s 47th in North America, reflects the growing Mexican immigrant population in the South. Little Rock was chosen not because of its own Mexican population, but because it’s a central location for immigrants from throughout the region who need passports, legal aid and other services (how to get "free" money and care from Americans).

    Supporters also say the consulate, would benefit Americans. Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee pushed hard for the consulate to locate in Little Rock...
    So if candidate Huckabee was your choice then you better be informed. Huckabee subsidized a foreign government for the sole purpose of aiding and abetting illegal aliens to enter both the USA and the state of Arkansas.

    Actions speak louder than words, and obviously the works out of Huckabee's mouth and on his website are cheap, and the reality of his actions are fact.

    No wonder the grass root effort is surging for Ron Paul. Ron Paul's actions as congressman and words as candidate are the same.

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