Tuesday, November 06, 2007

    The Yearning

    Remember the 5th of November... Ron Paul Raises $4.2 Million in 24 hours. Cato's director of health and welfare studies writes:
    Ron Paul's extraordinary fundraising success is a clear sign that there is a yearning by the Republican grassroots for the party to return to its historic small-government roots. Paul's message of limited government, free markets and peace obviously has touched a chord
    That, and more, money raised by ordinary citizens, by Republicans and Democrats that are fed up with BIG GOVENRMENT raping their wallets and purses, taking away their Constitutional rights, and out of control politicians eagerly willing to give billions of hard earned tax payer's earnings to countries that hate us.

    No need for giant donations from socialist unions, big corporations, or special interest groups. No ties to criminals or tax evaders to obtain funds for his (our) goals. Hard to believe a politician like Ron Paul actually exists in this climate of appeasing special interest groups, selling our country out, and totally ignoring our Constitution.

    The average contribution from the 36,672 donors was $103!

    He's real, and his name is Ron Paul.

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