Monday, December 17, 2007

    The Secret Intentions Of Bush Et Al?

    In 2002 President Bush announced a development fund called the Millennium Challenge Corporation. This is just another government business with the sole purpose of taking money from American taxpayers and giving it away to other countries - even Islamic ones. Formal creation of the MCC took place rather quietly in January 2004.

    In 2004: Congress gave MCC $7,900,000 of American taxpayer's money to handout.

    In 2005: Congress gave MCC $390,700,000 of American taxpayer's money. That's right - in one year the money funneled into the MCC increased by about 50 TIMES!

    In 2006: Congress gave MCC $1,133,100,000 of American taxpayer's money. In case the digits confuse you it's OVER $1.1 BILLION dollars, triple from the previous year and about 150 TIMES the amount from its inception 2 years prior.

    In 2007: Congress gave MCC $2,000,000,000+ of American taxpayer's money

    Determination of what country is eligible for hand outs and how much they should get are determined by MCC's Board of Directors - 9 people - with Bush's Condoleezza Rice at the top and Bush's Henry Paulson, US Treasury Secretary and member of the International Money Fund holding 2nd in command.

    The picture above is a screen grab from the homepage of the MCA - prominently displaying the crescent and star from the Islamic country of Mauritania - elected by the MCC board to be eligible for America taxpayer monies. Mauritania is officially the "Islamic Republic of Mauritania". Think the latest uranium mining in Mauritania has anything to do with this?

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