Friday, December 14, 2007

    I See Liberal People

    Take a whiff - we're all in a liberal toilet, as a result of liberal Republicans and Liberal Democrats. Better think again before they end up flushing our whole country down the drain.

    From Ron Paul:
    Too many politicians and lobbyists are spending America into ruin. We are nine trillion dollars in debt as a nation. Our mounting government debt endangers the financial future of our children and grandchildren. If we don't cut spending now, higher taxes and economic disaster will be in their future - and yours.

    Worse, our economy and our very independence as a nation is increasingly in the hands of foreign governments such as China and Saudi Arabia, because their central banks also finance our runaway spending.

    We cannot continue to allow private banks, wasteful agencies, lobbyists, corporations on welfare, and governments collecting foreign aid to dictate the size of our ballooning budget. We need a new method to prioritize our spending. It's called the Constitution of the United States.
    In less than a year since liberals took control of Congress:
    • The cost of living (inflation) has increased
    • We have more illegal aliens than ever before
    • Crude oil has increased over $20/barrel - about to pass over $100/barrel
    • Value of the dollar on the international market has shrunk
    • Increased the debt ceiling to historic levels
    • Passed an incredible budget full of wasteful spending of American tax dollars
    • Labor unions have got stronger
    • Unionized public services, including schools, have demanded (and received) more money and benefits yet without any performance increase
    • Businesses have more bureaucracy to deal with
    • Entitlement programs are increasing
    • Americans are forced to accept less English
    • Domestic spying was approved
    • Taxes are increasing
    • Deductions are decreasing
    • They continue to fund Iraq, a Muslim state, where Americans are being killed in a civil war between Islamic factions and where true democracy can never exist
    So much more can be added to that list. Expect taxes to increase directly through taxes and fees and indirectly through lost deductions and lost credits. The socialism liberals strive for cost money - and lots of it.

    Kind of funny - liberals cut off the liberal Lane County of Oregon's timber subsidy payments. Expect some drastic panic management to take place. Because the liberal commissioners just sat on their ass while receiving "free" handouts they never took the initiative to plan and manage a county effectively.

    Expect services like law enforcement fire to be cut first - before they touch their social handout programs to the drug addicts, illegal aliens, and homeless from out of the state that come here for the handouts.

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