Friday, January 18, 2008

    Revealed: Mailed Republican Party Census

    Yesterday I received the Republican Party Census Document. I believe this is mailed to voters registered as Republican. I think issues related to the country should be open and without party lines, so here are a few of their questions (exact wording) and my public answers. I will label the sections too. (No, I don't send these things back. My money goes to Ron Paul - the only one with a history of following the Constitution).


    Q: Should Republicans do everything they can to prevent Liberal Democrats from repealing the USA Patriot Act and other important laws that help our intelligence agencies protect Americans?
    A: Actually Democrats went farther by approving domestic spying. Both sides are responsible for legislating themselves into the private lives of citizens.

    Q: Do you support the use of air strikes against any country that offers safe harbor or aid to individuals or organizations committed to further attacks on America?
    A: No, since this would mean we would have to strike our own country. American politicians have done worse - by supplying money and military aid to countries and individuals and organizations that would like to see America attacked. We need to cut a lot of cords.


    Q: Should we make our fight against the Democrats' massive tax hikes a central part of the 2008 campaign?
    A: No. Greatly cutting government, cutting spending, terminating gifts and donations that go into the billions of dollars each year to other countries need to be the focus. Terminate worthless government programs that exist only to suck trillions of dollars over the years without giving anything in return. These need to be the priorities. Without the waste government wouldn't need to tax as much.

    Q: Should we continue working to permanently repeal the Death Tax?
    A: It should be on the bottom of the priority list since it doesn't even apply to 96% of Americans. Focus on the issues that matter to the majority.

    Q: Should Republicans renew the fight for a Balanced Budget Amendment?
    A: Not until a greatly reduced government budget is determined. To set the current excessive budget as a model to balance is absurd.


    Q: Do you agree that we must stop illegal immigration?
    A: Yes, but for the past 8 years status quo Republicans obviously have not - except Ron Paul.

    Q: Should Republicans oppose Senator Clinton's one size fits all, government-run healthcare plan?
    A: Government will never do what private industry can do better. Senator Clinton does not have ownership of this concept; it's a long time socialist concept.


    Q: Do you think Congress should pass the Federal Marriage Amendment, protecting marriage as a union between one man and one woman?
    A: Government should not legislate moral and religious issues.

    Q: Do you support President Bush's initiatives to allow private religious and charitable groups to do more to help those in need?
    A: The more private groups help the needy the less government will need to. As long as their charity does not go toward illegal immigrants or other criminals.


    Q: Do you think U.S. troops should have to serve under United Nations commanders?
    A: No.

    Q: Do you agree that our top military priority should be fighting terrorists?
    A: No - it should be the defense of American, especially along our border.

    Q: Do you agree that sowing the seeds of democracy and freedom in the Middle East is a worthy goal?
    A: Absolutely NO. This would be like Muslims invading America thinking converting us is a worthy goal.

    America is destroying the freedom of the Middle East to choose their destiny.

    In a country where the Koran is the final law, there can only be limited freedom within the confines of Islam. Such is the case in Iraq and American troops are dying for a cause (freedom and democracy) that is impossible to achieve.

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