Tuesday, January 15, 2008

    Slap Those Stupid Parents

    The socialists continue their obnoxious drive to replace the desires of parents with those of socialistic government rule. Case in point is Eugene Oregon's George Russell, a black male school district superintendent for Eugene.

    I've preached this before - socialists take away choices and freedoms in order to advance their socialist agenda. In the Register Guard today this socialist gives some hints of his big plans to change the public school system in Eugene, and slap the faces of parents at the same time.

    The population of Eugene is growing, not shrinking, yet this socialist clown wants to close schools. In doing so, his plan is to shove forced busing onto communities
    as ways to achieve greater equality and integration
    These tactics don't work, and how he and a handful of liberal socialists can alter entire communities and get away with it amazes me. Public schools must return to control of communities - not liberal activists. The entire concept of forced integration was ruled unconstitutional - but George Russell doesn't care - he has big plans to force his social concepts upon communities.

    Russell cites that as the central paradigm:
    Is it what's best for students in the district's opinion or what parents think is best?
    (The guy doesn't even speak proper English!)

    Obviously Mr. Russell thinks he knows best, not parents. Slap slap you stupid parent. Parents need to group together and kick these socialist assholes out of their community and out of our state.

    Some of Eugene's socialist schools and their visions:

    Socialist Kennedy Middle School:
    "Our vision for the Kennedy Community is to provide a safe, respectful and caring environment where individuals are encouraged and empowered to fulfill their potential as engaged and responsible participants in a culturally-diverse and ever-changing world."
    - Nothing to do with advancing academic achievement!

    Socialist Mexican Cesar Chavez Elementary School:
    "To create a diverse student community of academically and socially skilled individuals by encouraging independence, respect and visionary thinking."
    - Nothing to do with advancing academic achievement!

    Then there's Eugene International High School:
    As global citizens at Eugene International High School, we aspire to value diversity, ambiguity, and discovery and to act with responsibility, integrity, and compassion.
    - Nothing to do with advancing academic achievement!

    You can check for yourself on any of these public schools in the Eugene school district. Once you see any drive for academic achievement has been replaced with socialistic/globalist crap then you will understand why students in Oregon can expect a big future career at Espresso shops or mini-malls or a social services center.

    As the children of Oregon are becoming (in the eyes of the socialist school board) good globalites the children in India and Asian countries are passing them in academic skills, especially in math and science, thus rendering stupid products of socialism into lower skilled, lower paying jobs. One reason high-tech jobs are booming in India and not Oregon.

    And you still think the liberal/socialist agenda is good for communities? For parents? For students?


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