Wednesday, January 02, 2008

    Sweet And Sour 2007

    Goodbye 2007, you did my spouse and I well, but you were harsh on the USA. I hope 2008 will bring changes but as I watch events take place and I see the complacent attitudes people have I'm not very encouraged.

    People rather consume sensory inputs that make them feel oh so cozy and good - something the reality of the disintegration of our free world can't currently provide. I will post just a couple of key examples of how the USA has reached new lows.

    [1] A never-before historical transition - for over a solid year now America has surrendered billions of dollars and hundreds of precious lives in Iraq - for Allah. Yes, it's been over a year since Iraq established a constitution and at the top of their constitution they surrender final authority to the Koran. Simply read it for yourself, starting with the preamble:
    We the sons of Mesopotamia, the land of the prophets, resting place of the holy imams, the leaders of civilization... Recognizing Allah's right upon us; obeying the call of our nation and our citizens; responding to the call of our religious and national leaders and the insistence of our great religious authorities...
    We all know under the Koran there can NEVER be real freedom, only religious oppression -regardless of which flavor of Islam is in control.

    So when you hear our resources, material and human, are consumed in the name of "Democracy" and "freedom" know that we are being lied to - by both parties. While America surrenders more billions in our taxes and lives of servicemen - Islam gets stronger, more demanding, and relentless.
    1. In the short term watch for Islamic countries to make gains in territorial power.
    2. In the long term watch the growing Islamic powers make some very bold moves - even to the taking of what remains of Rossiya, along with all their arsenal.
    3. In the all term watch Islamic countries form relationships with non-Islamic nations for the sole purpose of the eventual subjugation of the USA
    (Note: Iran went through the motions of arresting a man for starting a rumour Russian President Putin was going to be assassinated during a trip to Tehran, but in reality he was arrested (and will probably be killed eventually) for revealing part of Tehran's Islamic intentions.)

    [2] The presidential candidates - each one of them - all participating in the media showcase Dancing With The Candidates. The potential leader of the most powerful country in the world now chosen by a beauty contest, all scripted by media moguls.

    Add in some youtube (carefully screened of course) "participation" for spice (and ratings) and very short response windows for starts. Place "news" personalities in as judges to rate the players on style, form, attire, vocal expression, knowledge (what can be assessed in such a short time), potential attack points like racism, classism, illegal alienism, religionism, compassionism, socialism, droolism, etc. and hope the sponsors and audience doesn't waver. Sick, huh?

    [3] Blurred vision - from both Republicans and Democrats seeing WMDs in Iraq that were not there, to Democratic Presidential Candidate Dennis Kuchinich having prophetic encounters with a UFO over the residence of wacko Shirley MacLaine's house, I see only one viable candidate with his feet on solid ground - Ron Paul.

    The reality of Kwanzaaaaaaa - are you so gullible you observe it? OMG, LOL

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