Saturday, January 05, 2008

    Self Help Day - Issue 1

    I'm curving my posting to about twice a week because I'm busy with more productive ambitions. I will try and posts some experiences on Saturday that some might find helpful in their own lives. As my readers know, I believe we should help ourselves and each other and government should BUTT OUT!

    Movie rentals: We use to do business with Blockbuster, but after waiting in lines because of slow cashiers and employees that would rather talk on the phone than serve their patrons I refused to go there again. We then used Hollywood video - noticeably better but not for long. Their customer service really took a dive and the store started some optional BS "insurance" charge that, for .25, your rental would be protected from damage. What a joke - obviously they were hurting for added cash flow. So, another movie rental company to dump.

    Enter NetFlix. I was reluctant at first but after several months I have to say I wish we would have done this sooner. The movies in our queue get to us the very next day after selected, and they have always received the return the next day as well. No more standing in lines, no more bad customer service - it's great! Check into it.

    Online Brokers: For a number of years one of my online brokers was E*Trade. Last year I dumped them because of very poor customer service. Each time I would phone I would get some outsourced idiot that I could barely understand, the last one from Malaysia if I remember right. I want Americans speaking English to talk to, and the replacement for E*Trade has been great (my other brokers I rarely call so no problem with them). Heck, they have phoned me from time to time to make sure I'm happy and wondering if I had any questions.

    Simply Google "ETrade idiots" or "hate ETrade" and see thousands of other have realized the truth about this company.

    The best part about my new choice is their customer service agents are intelligent about financial things, they can get things done immediately (not have to wait until some outsourced idiot passes a request through channels), and they speak ENGLISH like a native! I was also assured all their customer care reps are in America. If you have E*Trade DUMP THEM ASAP and move to a broker that cares more about customer support in American than they do by trimming their expenses by outsourcing to broken-English idiots that have no financial training.

    Take back control of your life!

    Congratulations to Ron Paul. For those of you who haven't yet heard, Ron Paul took over 10% in yesterday's Iowa caucus, handily beating Rudy Giuliani and finishing right behind both Fred Thompson and (worthless RINO) John McCain. This despite that Rudy Giuliani made more visits to Iowa than Ron Paul. And, entrance polls showed that Ron Paul took first place (29%) among independent Republicans!

    Both Right and Left extremes don't want Ron Paul to get far, and as Ron Paul makes progress expect more negative attacks and false accusations to be directed toward him and his constituents.

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