Thursday, February 14, 2008

    All Problems Solved!

    Since Congress has solved all of American's problems they are so bored that they need to find something to do. Hey - let's go after that ole American pastime - Baseball! Let's play Gestapo and force ourselves into the lives of the baseball players. Yeah, let's show them who da boss really is. After all, we are Congress - we ARE the law - we are omnipotent.

    The farce of the so-called PED (performance enhancing drug) hearings are another example of the obtrusiveness of the federal government into the lives of American adults. Besides the obvious grand-standing by both sides in front of the media think of the millions of dollars totally wasted - and for what? Is this a matter of national security? Does the economic future of the USA hang in the balance of baseball and who has taken some drug?

    First - these are adults, and as adults, the government has no business dictating what adults choose to eat or drink, what drugs they might take or not, as long as the actions of the adults do not harm or include a child. PEDs are not some miracle pill. You or I cannot take them and suddenly become a super baseball hitter. If these drugs really do improve performance then I would demand each Congress person take them daily because in my mind, Congress has done absolutely nothing worthy of a paycheck.

    Millions of people drink coffee each morning, and unless it's decaf they drink it to enhance their performance. It gives them a buzz. Most students know it will help to eat something with sugar before a test - sugar is brain food and it can help.

    Government must be forced to drop its mandates it has given itself when it comes to drugs and how adults in this country choose to use them. American adults are forced to conditions and requirements set forth by government - restricting freedom of choice and freedom of access.

    Ron Paul - America needs you!

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