Wednesday, February 13, 2008

    Dreams For Few, Nightmares For Most

    I'm so totally amazed how many people have been suckered into the utopian scam of Barack Obama. Lies without basis in our Constitution, he promises everything for everyone - even promises to people outside of the USA.

    I'm so totally amazed how such a large percent of black voters have traded common sense for color recognition. Totally unreal. Totally racial voting. Promises without a plan - recipe for disaster.

    This is not the first time a liberal black, or in the case of Obama - half black, has promised change, promised utopia, promised they will force everyone to love each other - not the first time at all.

    Consider Dr. Willie W. Herenton - black Democrat Liberal Mayor of Memphis Tennessee. Here is a liberal Democrat that promised the very same dreams to the people of Memphis. He was going to turn the city around, provide jobs, provide hope, provide equality. Mayor Herenton is in his fifth term now - and has yet to deliver on those dreams. Crime is rampant in Memphis, as a matter of fact police in Memphis just shut down four motels for drugs and prostitution - the two big employment opportunities in Mayor Herenton's dream city:
    "Frankly, I'm a little fed up with this kind of activity," said Bill Gibbons, district attorney general.

    An undercover police investigation allegedly uncovered a hot bed of criminal activity inside the motels.

    "I say it again, criminal activity will not be tolerated at these businesses and drug and prostitution markets will not be tolerated on the streets of Memphis," said Memphis Police Director Larry Godwin.
    From Mayor Herenton's self-glorifying website:
    Memphis has garnered billions of dollars in downtown investment over the past decade, while affordable housing and job opportunities in the inner city have significantly improved. Minority and women-owned businesses also have flourished and such major corporations as ServiceMaster, FedEx, UPS and International Paper have reinvested in the city with new jobs and facilities.
    From the reality world:

    In recent times, Democrat Herenton has faced mounting criticism from citizens and other observers, who have charged that he has, among the following:
    • Failed to ensure sound fiscal management of the City of Memphis
    • Fraud allegations involving national money for the building of the FedEx Forum
    • Failed to communicate effectively with the City Council
    • Failed to address multiple allegations of improprieties regarding Memphis Light Gas and Water
    • Served as the prime target and catalyst for the City Charter rewrite
    • Angered citizens to the point of becoming a target of a citizen recall effort
    • Mayor Herenton called for a halt to early voting due to "irregularities". The Shelby County Election Commission stated that early voting would continue
    • Done little in response to the significant rise in crime under his leadership, stating that "No mayor in any American city can solve the crime problem."
    Higher taxes, higher crime, increased government controls, supporting special interest groups, loss of freedoms --- Welcome to the dream world of liberals - and your nightmare.

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