Tuesday, February 12, 2008

    The Arm & Hammer Of Liberalism

    In my morning email is my AlterNet hate mail, this one with a hate article against Michael Savage - paralleling the Islamic terrorist public relations arm CAIR. If someone doesn't like what a radio personality is saying on the radio they have the freedom of choice to turn the channel or turn off the radio. Not so simple with liberals. Liberals rather kill the free speech of anyone contrary to their ideology, just as Muslims wish to shut down anyone with a viewpoint against Islam. So the liberal hate machine churns on - the Arm & Hammer Of Liberalism

    In Berkeley, California, the liberal 9 members of the city council - that's right, just 9 - are using the strong arm of government to kill freedoms - these are friends and endorsers of Barac Obama - the George Soros gang, that endorse big government under their control to:
    • Kill the freedom of choice for the citizens of Berkeley to go into or totally avoid a Marine recruiting office;
    • Kill the equal opportunity for the Marines to have a storefront;
    • Kill the free speech rights of the Marines;
    • Kill the freedom of choice for young people to choose to be employed by the Marines;
    I have always had the position that liberals are the greatest threat to freedom - and thanks to the liberal Democrat Berkeley city council for proving me right. They WILL use the hammer of government to squash anyone that opposes their ideology - the Arm & Hammer Of Liberalism.

    While socialist agencies like the ACLU argued against the Patriot Act it was the Democrats that extended the Big Brother arm of government to include domestic spying - monitoring American citizens. The so-called CIA Cell Towers came to pass because of the now liberal controlled Congress. Prior - such monitoring was allowed if one end included a foreign factor. Not any more - phones, faxes, email, etc. of 100% domestic nature is subject to snooping. You can thank your local Democrat for taking away your right to privacy - the Arm & Hammer Of Liberalism.

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