Monday, February 25, 2008

    Go Rick Dancer!

    Rick Dancer is, was, a a popular news anchor on KEZI news. He quit his job yesterday to pursue the nomination for Oregon Secretary of State.

    Mr. Dancer has decades of interaction with the public and is extremely knowledgeable about what is really going on in the state. Some of Mr. Dancer's words:
    What I want to do is get people involved in the process because the more involved the more the state begins to look like the people of Oregon rather than the special interests.

    People can take care of themselves a little more. We need to help people and government needs to be involved in people's lives, but there's a lot of things we can do on our own.
    Everyone has positive feedback for Rick - except socialist Democrat Vicki Walker from Eugene. Her words:
    I'm laughing. I'm sorry, that's a pretty big step for somebody who's not been in politics in Oregon.
    This is why Oregon needs leaders like Mr. Dancer, and to rid our state of scum like State Senator Vickie Walker.

    Vickie-bitch thinks that unless you're well grounded in the politics-as-usual and have experience catering to the special interest groups you can't make it.

    Uh - come to think of it, Vickie-bitch is the same scum that supports "same day voter registration". That is a typical liberal tool used to gather up all those not legal to vote (felons, illegal aliens, people from out of state, etc.) - register them so they vote that same day - then with the current liberal Secretary of State Democrap Bill Bradbury - the voter registration information never gets checked! There is not 1 Democrat that speaks against this illegal voting scheme.

    As a matter of fact, the Democrats in the Oregon Legislature will hold hearings for House Joint Resolution 43 - a Constitutional referral to pave the way toward same-day registration in Oregon!!!

    This is FOR REAL! The ultimate socialist dream - no borders, no proof of legality! The truth? It's the only way the liberals can win at any vote.

    Yeah - Vickie Walker represents what has been going on in Oregon for too long now. Time to boot them all.

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