Friday, February 29, 2008

    Oh That Fuzzy Feel'n

    Junior Senator Barack Hussein is a charismatic personality. Charismatic types thrive best when there are serious problems or there is a fear of serious problems looming - whether those fears are real or not. Charismatic leaders motivate followers with emotion, and it begins with the emotional surge that gets that person to a higher level of authority.

    History has many such charismatic leaders that made changes - emotional changes. Adolf Hitler used the emotion of the German people during economic hard times. Ayatollah Khomeini used the emotional frenzy of Islam to rise to the high position he attains.

    All such leaders that rise on an emotional wave inevitability cause greater harm to society once they leave compared to when they started. The emotional stirs false hope in the masses - and it's a hope based on some degree of selfishness.

    In the case of Barack his hope for the future is unions. For example, his ranting on NAFTA and free trade is totally in the interest of protecting unions. Unionized companies are unable to compete in a free market, so they (the unions) need politicians to "fix" the system so such companies can stay alive. As you can see from my previous post, and Barack's own words, Barack will really "fix" the country by empowering unions (and removing freedoms).

    News came out recently of the cost of prisons in America. This should not come as a surprise since the majority of prison workers are unionized. Law enforcement not very efficient where you live? Yep, they are unionized too. Expensive bus service? You guessed it - transit workers are unionized too. So are many sectors of government business - unions are killing America - and Barack, with his big (union) changes, will make it far worse than you can ever imagine.

    If you're the type that gets goose bumps when you hear, see, or think of Barack enjoy your fuzzy feel'n while you can. The goose bumps will soon be replaced with the reality that will come when unions are strengthened by the mighty arm of government.

    Barak is very much like another mesmerizer in history - Jim Jones. JJ filled his followers with visions of utopia, love, everyone sharing, everyone taking care of each other - all very special and cozy and trusting - then the Kool Aid came. Mr. Obama has a truckload of Kool Aid for America.

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