Monday, March 03, 2008


    OMG - I'm sure glad I played the lottery this weekend. Now I'm waiting for my CPA to get to his office because I have no idea what to do. How much tax will I need to pay? Better yet - what's the best way to avoid paying too much tax?

    I opted for the lump sum and I'm looking to shelter as much as I can. I want parts invested so it can generate money just sitting there. Also, I have always wanted to open a private school for citizens only - passports required, with a curriculum focused on math and sciences. I'll have to hire someone to help me make a plan for that in case I go through with it.

    Ah - the easy life - now that I won a virtual lotto! vir·tu·al:
    Existing in the mind, especially as a product of the imagination.
    In the same manner, the USA has virtual security - it's all an illusion. As not to offend Mexico and illegal aliens from south of the border, all three prominent presidential candidates are more than happy with this faux fence - as is Mexico and any threat that has or will come into the USA.

    15-25 million illegal aliens in the USA represents allot of voting influence, especially for Democrats since they are the party that pushes for voting day registration, a practice for the sole purpose of getting illegal votes for their candidates.

    More virtual security comes from the FBI - stating there was and is no terrorist threat in the Las Vegas ricin incident. Connected with anarchists (they seek destruction of governments) the FBI proclaimed, even after taking away several vials of ricin, there is no connection to terrorism.

    Anarchists would have no problem linking up with Muslims since both have the objective to destroy America as it is.

    Enjoy your virtual security while I enjoy the proceeds from winning the virtual lottery.

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