Monday, March 31, 2008

    Great News - From CANADA!

    Americans often don't consider our neighbor to the north - Canada. Aside from the excessive taxes I like visiting there and do so at least once a year. I found three recent news items - good news - that I'd like to share and it all happened in Canada.

    Michael Andrew Gibbon was known as one of Canada's most notorious sex criminals - a pedophile. Canada, like the USA, doesn't really punish such worthless evil animals as they should. However, once in prison the 'ole prison justice system has a chance of kick'n in. This scumbag was killed in a recent prison riot - absolutely no loss to society. If anything, it was a value-added action and I wish I could shake the hand of the good man that killed him. A happy day for many children.

    The 12-metre Ancien II flipped in the icy waters off the coast of Cape Breton, killing four seal hunters. This news really sent a warm feeling of gratitude for Mother Nature taking care of its own. I don't even want to go into the horrible details of what these animal tortures do. Seals were slaughtered need extinction - hunters don't care - they just get their pleasure killing helpless animals (just ask Lars Larson). Now quotas are enforced by the ICES and Canada's DFO regulates as well. I'd like to think a group of larger seals helped to flip that boat - either way the deaths of these barbarians was great news. A happy day for many seals.

    Canada does not allow drug companies to market their drugs directly to consumers - so none of those smiling faces of healthy people saying how wonderful their lives have been ever since they starting taking Hokiepril (or whatever). I do believe in knowledge and choices but most people see these commercials and run to their doctors wanting these drugs - solely based on clever marketing by drug companies. Canada now claims their ban has probably saved Canadians $150 million just for the cholesterol drugs that have come under recent question. People - don't believe commercials you see on TV - it's not reality. A happy day for many Canadians.

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