Tuesday, March 18, 2008

    They Beat The Government!

    To date 341 adults had the final freedom over their own bodies and the freedom to choose - without the tortuous mandate of government to stay alive and suffer.

    Since 1994 Oregon has been on the forefront of freedom for adults to choose the time of their final exit from this life. North of Oregon the State of Washington is collecting signatures so adults in that state can have the same freedom of choice. I hope freedom fighters in Washington are successful.

    You are against such freedom of choice? Then keep it to yourself - it's none of your business what another adult does with their own body.

    It's against your morals? Who are you to force your morals on someone else, especially when they are suffering horribly and most likely depleting the financial resources of their spouse - whose next stop after inevitable dead will be some homeless shelter.

    Good luck Washington. Show freedom still exists!

    I have to say a word on that super-racist speech by Obama for the sole purpose of gathering votes via guilt. Two quotes:

    "I can no more disown him than I can my white grandmother"

    - speaking about the Rev. of hate and racism, Jeremiah Wright, his racist hate mentor of over 20 years. WTF??? What bullshit. I have an evil brother that turned against my parents and his own children from his first marriage, and I had no problem disowning him - totally disowned. Obama can't disown someone he still respects and believes in. In other words, Obama refuses to disown associations with evil, bigotry, and racism.

    "segregated schools were, and are inferior schools."

    - I'm not in favor of forced segregation, but I am against government forced integration. It has proved to be a failure and is actually condescending to blacks - that a black school cannot be as good as a white school unless they get some white kids in. That's more racial bullshit.

    Reading various reviews gets me worried - that many people are swayed with his racial bullshit. "wife Michelle carries within her the blood of slaves and slave owners..." - oh god, did that tug at your guilt? Think voting for this racist song-and-dance guy will give you a fuzzy feeling of being a good white folk?

    What to expect from Obama as president:
    • Racial integration restored
    • Reparations (your money) given to blacks
    • Entrance standards abolished in universities
    • Racial profiling to give advantages to non-whites
    • Increased racial tensions in America
    • Pardons to illegals
    • Too much more devastation to equal rights to list here!

    Goodbye to Arthur C. Clarke, well known Science Fiction author - died today at age 90 in Colombo, Sri Lanka. I've read many of your stories and enjoyed the movies! Thank you so much.

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