Wednesday, March 19, 2008

    Some Tech Stuff

    Yesterday the FCC auctioned some airwaves that netted nearly $20 billion bucks for the Fed. Many of the airwave frequencies and bands are for broadband wireless networks. I have Comcast and I hate wired access, especially the fact there no competition where I live. Some areas closer to the city core have a choice of ClearWire - a wireless broadband service, but not so speedy.

    Speed is relative, and because of your wonderful oppressive government Americans have one of the slowest broadband infrastructures in the world. For example, the fastest DSL is about 3.0 Mbps (million bits per second). Comcast cable averages 6 Mbps (sustained). Compare that with Japan - with an average of over 60 Mbps and S. Korea over 45 Mbps! Heck, even little Poland provides almost 10 Mbps.

    Our government is our worse enemy, limiting the advances many businesses have been waiting years to unravel. When I go to Japan I see then and there the technologies that Americans will enjoy - but several years later. To Americans, it's all presented as something new and they gobble it up. In reality, it's old technology - sort of hand-me-down junk - and Japan has progressed to something newer.

    Our technology doesn't limit America's innovation - the government does. I hate government mandates, intrusions and manipulations - can you tell?

    Worried about big phone companies and big government scanning every word you speak? Philip Zimmerman to the rescue! Those in the know will recognize his name from the PGP en/decryption software that can't even be broken by the NSA (which they use themselves). His latest venture is Zfone - secure encrypted voice and video. Best of all - it's totally free!

    Check out the Forbes interview with Mr. Zimmerman here.

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