Friday, April 18, 2008

    Calculating Your Carbon Footprint

    Earlier this week Forbes had an article titled How To Calculate Your Carbon Footprint. Their calculation, from a book called The Environment Equation, went like this:

    A.) Multiply your monthly electricity bill by 105
    B.) Multiply your monthly gas bill by 105
    C.) Multiply your monthly oil bill by 113 (if you don't use either B or C, enter 0.)
    D.) Multiply total yearly mileage by .79
    E.) Multiply the number of flights--4 hours or less--by 1,100
    F.) Multiply the number of flights--4 hours or more--by 4,400
    G.) Do you recycle newspaper? If no, add 184. If yes, add 0.
    H.) Do you recycle aluminum and tin? If no, add 166. If yes, add 0.

    A+B+C+D+E+F+G+H = your carbon footprint.

    A number below 6,000 (reflected in pounds per year) is excellent. Over 22,000? Not so great. Good is anywhere from 6,000 to 15,999, while 16,000 to 22,000 is average.

    That's a good start but there's a need for a person to calculate the carbon footprint of someone else - even a total stranger. I have come up with this formula (start from a value of 0):

    Let S = a stranger or someone other than yourself:

    A - If S is a Capitalist, add 999,999
    B - If S is not a Progressive Liberal, add 999,999
    C - If S does not believe in global governance for the sake of Earth's survival, add 999,000
    D - If S believes in the US Constitution, add 999,999
    E - If S believes in family values or Christian values (don't have be to one), add 999,999
    F - If S hates America or chooses not to even wear an American flag pin, multiply by 0
    G - If S believes growing government is the solution, multiply by 0
    H - If S believes unions should grow and be stronger, multiply by 0

    If the result is > 0 then S is evil and government must take control of his/her life.

    If the result is less than 1, then S is one with the global vision - of socialism.

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