Monday, April 07, 2008

    In Obama's Amerika - 1 of 5

    What does President Obama have planned for our nation? I have found a questionnaire given this year by the NAACP to both Democratic candidates - the NAACP is a racist group that only supports Democrats and only Democrats danced to their demands.

    The format is simple. I copy/pasted the question from the questionnaire, I do the same for Barack Obama's response, then I give my opinion. Most answers are lengthy so I will copy the key portions. If you have any doubt about the text just download the questionnaire and check it out yourself. Since the answers are from the mouth of Obama there is no question about the policy he plans to implement - a return to the dark dismal past of racism.

    If elected president, what specific actions will you take regarding equal opportunity programs?
    I support affirmative action. When there is strong evidence of prolonged and systemic discrimination by organizations, affirmative action may be the only meaningful remedy available. ... As president, I will rid the Department of ideologues and political cronies, and for the first time in eight years, the Civil Rights Division will actually be staffed with civil rights lawyers who prosecute civil rights violations, and employment discrimination, and hate crimes. And while I support efforts to increase opportunities for qualified students from low-income backgrounds to attend colleges and universities - regardless of their race.

    Mr. Obama wants to stomp on the US Constitution and everyone's right to equality. His plan to re-implement the failed affirmative action mandates is a slap in the face to everyone wishing to advance on their own merits. Mr. Obama and his "civil rights lawyers" - all ACLU members - will force out students and potential employees that are more qualified in favor of meeting a government-mandated quota for a specific race, sexual orientation, and economic status.

    I believe in equality for all - not special rights for a particular race, sexual orientation, or income level - but to all. Mr. Obama does not - he believes his big government should control the lives and destiny down to the individual level - who should get special rights and who should get shoved to the curb. No longer will achievement matter - but the color of your skin or the amount in your bank account.

    Welcome to the perverted kountry of President Obama - an Amerika where the Constitutional promise of equality has been trashed in favor of race, sexual orientation, and economic status; where government will force compliance to unconstitutional policies or you will go to jail.

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