Tuesday, April 08, 2008

    In Obama's Amerika - 2 of 5

    What does President Obama have planned for our nation? I have found a questionnaire given this year by the NAACP to both Democratic candidates - the NAACP is a racist group that only supports Democrats and only Democrats danced to their demands.

    If elected President, what actions would you take to ensure that labor unions were able to continue to support workers in their efforts to form and be represented by a union?
    ... unions give workers a voice in deciding their future. ... For these reasons, they are essential to our democracy and our economy. I will use the bully pulpit of the presidency to educate our country about the important role of unions. I will use the power of the office to appoint members of the National Labor Relations Board and the Labor Department who understand the situation of working families and respect their desire to organize and I will work to ban the permanent replacement of striking workers.

    From Obama's youth he was mentored by Frank Marshall Davis for years. A member of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) this socialist, this communist, saturated Obama's young brain with what is important for a strong socialist empire. Obama even refers to Mr. Davis fondly in his book and simply calls him "Frank".

    From a socialist father-figure to a racist uncle figure Mr. Obama knows the importance a strong union is to the success of socialism and to the crippling of capitalism. Mr. Obama wishes to "educate the country" but I suggest he educate himself to the reality of the cancer upon business and the lethal effects. Just ask any number of the companies that have been forced to close or shift operations overseas - because of the union cancer.

    Unions have mega-millions invested in Mr. Obama and they expect results never before achieved for the sake of union growth. Mr. Obama has no problem appointing union bosses into government positions, and will use his radical attorneys that he has already said he will bring in to force submission to unionization. Where they are unable to circumvent the law they will tie a struggling company into such legal snares that company will either comply or exhaust their resources.

    Mr. Obama will, according to his own words, work to cause grievous harm to the very existence of a company - forcing them to surrender to union demands because he intends to make it illegal to replace the striking workers that are extorting the company.

    My hope is that should Mr. Obama become president that as many companies as possible flee the US in favor of friendlier non-socialist countries. To do so will mean your survival from the union cancer and the anti-capitalist forces that threaten our country.

    Mr. Obama proposes a government so oppressive, and a socialist empire cannot survive without the hammer and sickle of organized unions. The unions feed their union politicians and the union politicians feed the unions - a cycle that oppresses, results in a stagnant economy (or worse), and a great loss of freedom.

    Welcome to the perverted kountry of President Obama - an Amerika where the Constitutional promise of freedom to pursue your dreams are vanquished - replaced with socialism; where government will force compliance to unconstitutional policies or you will go to jail.

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