Tuesday, May 20, 2008

    Are Hillary's Balls Bigger?

    Have you even wondered why Senator Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., the self-proclaimed uniter of America, is unable to unite his own party? One thing about Senator Hillary Clinton is she's not giving up and has proven when things are a little tough she hangs in there and fights. I guess having to live with Bill that sort of toughened her.

    Contrast Hillary with sissy Obama Junior. When things get tougher in their primary junior is practically in tears:
    Oh won't someone please tell Hillary to let me win? I don't like having to work this hard and I have no experience in anything difficult. Please make her stop, pweeeeezzzzzeee, boo hoo hoo...
    There is an age difference. When Senator John McCain was a prisoner of Democrat John Kennedy's (mis-managed) Vietnam War, Senator Obama Junior was drooling and sticking his finger up his nose and crying to his mamma.

    There's a rumor going around that if elected President Obama Junior plans to help Dufar - by assimilating no less than 500,000 of the poor, diseased, and ignorant from that region into the USA. Don't ya just love when people are generous with YOUR money!

    I can just see it now - Ted "woman killer and drunk" Kennedy dies. Enter the pomp and ceremony by every liberal (progressive) in the country to worship their fallen icon. God, here it comes - more streets and schools and federal buildings to rename for a drunken, murdering, socialist slob that caused greater harm to the USA than Saddam Hussein ever did.

    Why can't the evil people like Ted-o die sooner, before they do their evil deeds? Not fair to the good people of the planet.

    Gee - while some (not me) American's were still buying American cars thinking it was patriotic or something we have another American automaker dumping the union scene to remain profitable. Chrysler will outsource their seating systems for the Jeep Wrangler to Krishna-Maruti (KML) in South Asia:
    The project is part of Chrysler's plans to source more from low-cost countries like India and China. The seating systems - an order worth $100 million - would be fitted in 1,20,000 vehicles per annum.
    Once Obama or Clinton get into office expect more power to be given to unions - and more companies fleeing to outsourcing. In reality the union bosses don't care about you - just your monthly dues, and you better pay up or else!

    Tomorrow or Thursday I'll be posting on something that might get me on Republican's hitlist!

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