Monday, May 19, 2008

    Pissed At Pump Prices?

    The AP article of 1 hour ago reads Pump prices rise to new high as oil stalls:
    Americans are now paying an average of $3.79 for a gallon of regular gas, according to a survey by AAA and the Oil Price Information Service. Diesel, used to transport a wide range of goods, now costs $4.52 a gallon.
    With oil (short) futures over $126 / barrel I find out about one of many huge oil deposits on American turf located in Colorado's Denver-Julesburg basin. A small private oil company recently drilled here, found good supply of medium-grade crude, but was forced to shut down their well because of a lack of a pipeline to get the crude to the market. "We can sell for $30/barrel". The local Democrat-controlled government has no interest in helping to supply a pipeline.

    Then there are the huge oil shale deposits in Colorado - on the order of 1.5 TRILLION BARRELS! Shell oil wants to extract this source but it also lays in federal lands, and in December of 2007 the Democrat-controlled Congress took steps to make sure Americans would pay high prices forever. Yep - the Democrat-controlled Congress passed a measure that prohibits spending to establish any program to lease oil shale deposits on federal land. In other words, the Democrats kept money from leases flowing into the general fund and they made sure oil imports continue.

    Then there's the well-known offshore oilfields - also huge - but 85% of the U.S. coastline is off limits to drilling by Democrat congressional decree.

    If you believe in an oil crisis then get the facts and realize any crisis is the result of BIG GOVERNMENT manipulation and regulations - and it is from (mostly) the Democrats.

    Think BIG GOVERNMENT is bad? You ain't seen noth'n yet!

    The past few days I had to attend to some private business - 6 flight segments, 2 coach and 4 first class (the longer segments of 2 - 4+ hours). One takes me through LAX (Los Angeles International) and it was as if I landed in some sleazy city in Mexico. Spanish signs all around, announcements in English and Spanish, the floors splattered with trash, people throwing their cups and papers and used food items under chairs, the restroom gross, fat-thigh pregnant Hispanic girls shoving hamburgers into an already filled fat mouth with 6+ of their bambinos rolling around on the trashy floor - obviously all signs of HI (Hispanic Infestation) and the failure of America to retain control.

    What's sort of ironic is all of this crap was in the American Airlines terminal!!!

    I was glad my next segment was less than an hour away from boarding. All other airports were clean, English only, sanitized bathrooms, etc.

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