Friday, May 30, 2008

    Fascism 102

    In a state of fascism the ever-growing government needs to control the infrastructure. One of the ways this is done is through unions. A state of fascism cannot exist without organized labor, so to achieve a stronger arm of control the fascist government will favor all things union, will ensure that unions grow in numbers and control, and protect the union bosses. This has the goal of crippling free enterprise.

    The USA has "progressive" (fascist) politicians that are actively pushing for legislation to strengthen unions, protect union bosses and subordinates from federal investigations, and destroy the freewill of workers as well as free enterprise.

    An example of this growing move to fascism and away from free enterprise is the Democrat controlled Congress's decision to fund a $125 Million pilot program to create "green jobs" - but money given ONLY to programs affiliated with BIG LABOR - aka, unions.

    As if that wasn't enough we have a self-proclaimed fascist Senator from Vermont - Bernie Sanders - that has pledged to fight for inclusion of union-only language into the Senate version of this same bill.

    The largest funding for contracts and expenditures come from the Federal government. While it is doubtful they would pass a law banning non-union companies the BIG GOVERNMENT fascists can accomplish the equivalent by legislation the Billions of $$$ in contracts be given to companies where the strong arm unions have infiltrated - thus forcing free enterprises to allow infestation of unions if they want a slice of the Fed's contracts.

    Progressives - progressing America into Fascism - one step at a time.

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