Friday, June 06, 2008

    Enjoying Your Big Change?

    Democraps promised Americans they would change the direction of the country if they got control of Congress, and they have kept their promise. Since they have controlled Congress and began thier big change, their legislation, mandates, and budget has resulted in:
    • Crude oil prices the highest ever!
    • Record budget deficits
    • Unemployment has the biggest monthly rise in 22 years!
    • The US Dollar going down the tubes!
    • Greater government controls
    • And so much more...
    Fortunately Senate Republicans blocked the Democraps Global Warming Bill - a monstrosity tax scam that would have boosted pump prices about $1 / gallon and increase every American's tax bill.

    You ain't seen noth'n yet. Just wait until Obama is President and you'll get even more change:

    • Forced government schools for the less fortunate
    • Forced unionization
    • Forced affirmative action
    • Forced homosexuality and other deviant acceptance
    • Forced tax increases
    • Forced suppression of home schooling
    • Forced social spending increases
    • Forced acceptance of government concocted crisis
    • Forced slavery - you will all be slaves of the New Progressive Fascist Government!
    • And so much more...
    Enjoy your New Direction!

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