Thursday, May 01, 2008

    May Day - Day of Remembrance

    A day that is also International Workers' Day, aka socialist day, aka labor union day. Communist and anarchist organizations and their affiliated unions universally conduct street marches as well. Being socialists they don't believe in borders, so these rabid angry people will protest for illegal aliens to be free to suck our resources.

    To me this is a day to remember all the millions of union workers that throughout the decades have lost their jobs because their unions have forced companies into bankruptcy. The story is always the same - a few of these malcontents get into a company and attempt to get other employees to join their union. If they are successful that company will eventually be doomed. They will be forced to raise prices on their products or services and before long, they will be unable to compete.

    Some companies can get momentary relief from these strong-arm unions by outsourcing to other countries. When they do so then Americans lose their jobs - again, thanks to the unions.

    Currently if employees go on strike against a company the company can hire replacement workers that are not unionized. The company wishes to survive and this is done for the sake of survival as well as for the non-striking workers jobs. In my mind if employees are unhappy at their job they should simply quit and go to another company that will give them what they think they deserve.

    Unions are also the prime reason the public school system in America is horrible. They always complain they don't have enough money, yet when they are given more money the trend of declining skilled students continues into the dark abyss.

    Senator Barack Obama has already gone on record and wants to have a law where companies will be unable to hire replacement workers when a strike is declared. Unions have spent millions on Senator Obama's election campaign and they expect some radical pro-union actions from their puppet.

    In this situation I would advise businesses to make a fast dash from being an American company to establishing their charter in a country friendly and free for business.

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