Friday, May 02, 2008

    Hispanic Females: CLOSE YOUR LEGS!

    Yesterday, the same day thousands marched to support illegal aliens in the USA, I received an email from the WSJ. The title: Surge in U.S. Hispanic Population Driven by Births, Not Immigration.

    So what has now been documented is a bunch of Hispanic females are just spreading the legs and getting pregnant with millions of future social-dependent bambinos. Great. More burden to cities and states to support this infestation of non-domestic entities. Great - like collectively our nation already waste BILLIONS of our dollars on these freeloaders.

    Will it ever stop? Why don't the people running the show (use to be the citizens) stop calling these illegal bambinos "American" if the mother is illegally here?

    One reason might be this surging population represents votes - and politicians will do anything for votes. From a China article yesterday:
    Partly due to the large Hispanic population, the U.S. Democratic party made an exception to allow Nevada, a Hispanic population-rich state, to move the date of its presidential nomination race ahead of Super Tuesday on Feb. 5
    Groups like the NAACP and Senator Obama support illegals in the USA, and Senator Clinton promised not to target sanctuary cites - which is odd since the Hispanic population is growing about 3x faster than the black population - and guess who is going to get pushed out of the job market first.

    Illegals cost Americans more than taxes: social costs are growing, emergency room waits getting longer, more graffiti in towns where there use to be none, cities reducing the size of their law enforcement because so much goes to supporting this growing liability, illegal drug use is increasing, illegal aliens continue to be hired over legal workers, horrendous medical costs (ask illegal Puente that got 2 liver transplants at an average cost of $520,000 each), and so much more.


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