Tuesday, May 13, 2008

    NO To Nipples, Cleavage OK

    In what sounds like future Sharia law for the U.S. military a tiny few righteous representatives have introduced legislation - HR 5821 - to ban certain men's magazines on U.S. military bases around the world.

    The righteous few, sort of like Islamic clerics, have deemed such material has been responsible for increases in sexual assaults and "other problems".

    Among the definitions of what is banned:
    The term `lascivious' means lewd or indecent and intended, designed, or given to elicit a sexual response.
    does not include the exposure of the cleavage of the female breast exhibited by a dress, blouse, bathing suit, or other apparel.
    So somewhere in Washington D.C. will be a couple of the super-righteous cleric-types that will strip (pun not intended) the freedom of choice from the very people that fight for freedom. Wow.

    I have a better idea to solve sexual assaults and those "other problems":
    • Let's stop forcing our freedom fighters to put their lives and limbs on the line for Islamic countries where true freedom can never exist

    • Let's stop forcing them to serve beyond their enlisted limits because of some find print loophole

    • Let's stop forcing them to serve such huge tours of duty away from their families.
    Government is getting out of control.

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